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Seamlessly manage & organize PowerPoint slides in Confluence.

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Stay organized and connected.

Working with slides in a team setting is not so straightforward. Slide Library makes it easy for your organization to collaborate on slides and presentations.

Cut down busywork with slides.

Bring your department's PowerPoint slides together in one shared space. Spend less time preparing for presentations by leveraging existing slides from Slide Library.

Get the whole picture. Finally.

Get a pulse of what every member brings to the table. Slide Library enables you to locate popular slides and weed out slides which are not compliant with messaging, branding and design.

Before Slide Library

Before slide library, your slides are are in a mess. It makes you stressed.

After Slide Library

After Slide Library, your slides are well organized. Everything is in order.

Features and Benefits

Leverage Slide Library for Confluence to manage, organize and collaborate on presentations.

Instant search

Search and select individual slides to use in a slide deck.

Single source of truth

Re-use the same slides in multiple presentations.

Automatic sync

Presentations automatically reflect latest version of referenced slides.

Faster turnaround

Speed up time to compose new presentations by easily leveraging existing slides.

Better compliance

Enforce slide compliance with messaging, branding and design.

Eliminate manual work

Increase productivity with automatic syncing of content changes to all presentations.

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