Why Slide Library?

What is the problem?

Managing large number of slides over time is hard! Imagine finding the right slides to add to your deck. You know you have seen the slides somewhere. You just need to locate them.

You may need to look through PowerPoint files stored on your local drive, on a shared drive, your corporate knowledge base or even your email archives. The process is cumbersome.

Even then, how would you know if there is a newer version of the slides somewhere else? And how do you ensure everyone is using the latest version of your slide?

Who has the problem?

Any industry that creates a large number of PowerPoint slides on an individual or team level. This includes:

  • education and training professionals preparing a custom training slide deck for a corporate client.
  • university lecturers and school teachers preparing new materials for the next semester.
  • inside sales teams or consultants that has some variations of the same presentation depending on the profile of the prospect or client
  • marketing, product, legal and compliance teams who create content for relationship managers to present to clients in the banking and insurance space.

What is the cost of not solving the problem?

Creating a new presentation takes approximately 55% more time than needed. Time is wasted on searching for the right slides. If slides cannot be located, additional time is spent on re-creating the slide from scratch. Assuming internal cost of $30 an hour and 32 hours a month working on PowerPoint slides, you lose up to $528 per employee per month by not solving this problem.

And that is just the tangible cost. The intangible cost is that your corporate collaterals are inconsistent. Your slides don't always look the same in terms of branding, design and messaging. These little details don't give an impression of a well oiled machine to your clients. In highly regulated industries like financial services, serving your clients with wrong or outdated data is a legal and compliance risk.

How is this currently solved?

Considering how important slides are to some organizations, this is generally solved in a suboptimal way. PowerPoint files are stored in many different places. It is also not possible to search for an individual slide without opening the presentation file first. Communication overhead is incurred in finding the person with the right version of the slide.

Why don't current solutions work?

Microsoft SharePoint had a feature called Slide Libraries that solved this pain point at an organization level. However this was deprecated since SharePoint 2013. The end of life of this version of SharePoint is 2023, though many companies already upgraded to newer versions.

Microsoft suggests a workaround to reuse slides from another presentation (an option available in PowerPoint). This only solves the problem at a limited scale because it is still really hard to use this feature to locate slides created by the rest of your organization in a sensible manner. It is also not possible to get an overview of all versions of the same slide.

What has changed? How does it work?

Enter Slide Library for Confluence, an app which enables Confluence to be used as a central repository for your PowerPoint slides.

Slide Library allows you to search for slides by slide content, tags or other metadata, and combine slides from different search results into a new PowerPoint file. It is also possible to save slides as a presentation in Confluence. When referenced slides are updated via a new upload, the presentation is automatically refreshed with the latest slides. End users of the presentations are guaranteed to be using the latest slides when they use the Confluence link.

If you are already using Confluence Cloud, you can start using Slide Library today. There is no need for complex IT procurement process or months long IT integration work to enable this app in your organization. With just an app install, you unlock a simple and intuitive interface native to Confluence.

How do you know its better?

The time to compose new presentations is reduced by at least 55% as Slide Library makes it easy to instantly search and combine existing slides. You save time by not needing to re-create slides from scratch. You gain better consistency in branding, messaging and design when slides in the library represent the single source of truth.

For frequently updated slides, automatic updates help eliminate manual work in hunting for the latest slides or making sure others are using your latest slides. This also makes working with multi-author presentations seamless.